Earn ₹45 Lakh BMW X1 | Daman Games May – June Gold Offer 2023

Daman Games is an Online Earning Platform Where You Can Earn Money In 7 Different Ways. Daman Games has launched a new gold offer, and the price has been kept very attractive. Daman Games May – June Gold Offer has been launched, and t he 1st prize in this is Rs 45 Lakhs, which you will get for 3000 invites. You can also earn a good income by participating in it, read our today’s post for complete information.

Offer NameDaman Games Gold Offer
1st Prize BMW X1 Price ₹4500000
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Teacher Aisha
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What is Daman Games Gold offer

Daman Games Gold Offer BMw

Daman Games brings gold offers for its agents every 2 months. By participating in which you can win prizes. Before this, the March-April offer was running, which has now ended. Daman Games has just released a May – June offer at a great price. The 1st prize in the current gold offer is 45 Lakhs Rupees BMW X1. There are some rules for participating in the Daman Gold offer which you have to follow otherwise you will not be eligible.

How To Participate Daman Games Gold Offer

Minimum Requirements You must have 20 VIP members to participate in Daman Games Gold Offer. VIP members are those who recharge 300+ rupees during two months. If you have 20 VIP members then Daman Games will give you a price of Rs 5000. To participate in the gold offer, you contact the teacher, he will give you complete information, If you are our member then you can get the list of your whip members by contacting teacher Aisha.

Daman Games May – June Gold Offer

VIP Members in May – JuneRewards
3000 Members THE ALL NEW BMW X1 2023 Price ₹ 45,00,000
1000 Members 2 Carat, Natural Round Diamond Price ₹ 12,49,000
500 Members GOLD & Diamond Price ₹ 5,00,000
200 Members 24K, 999.9 Gold Bar Price ₹ 2,00,000
150 Members 24K, 999.9 Gold Treasure Price ₹ 1,00,000
100 Members24K, 999.9 Gold Accessories Price ₹ 50,000
75 Members 22k (4 gram) Daman Special Gold Price ₹ 30,000
50 Members 24K, 999.9 Gold Rings Price ₹ 20,000
30 Members 24K, 999.9 Gold Earrings Price ₹ 10,000
20 Members Gold Treasure Box Price ₹ 5000


  • Eligible Agents Must Have Telegram Numbers To Contact Customer Service For Register On The Post To Be Activated To Participate In This Event.
  • Winner Calculation Is Based On How Many Agents Are Able To Bring Active Members For A Period Of (2 Months) From 1 May To 30 June 2023.
  • Member / Downline Active In The Sense Of Members Who Have Deposited More Than 3 Times And Each Of Them Must Bind The Bank. There Must Not Be Any Similarity In Data With Other Members, Either Account Names, Bank Account Numbers Or IP Addresses.
  • If The Percentage Of Active Members Who Make Deposits Only 3 Times Exceeds 20% Of The Total, Then We Will Do A Review For An Indefinite Time.
  • Daman Games Has The Right To Cancel The Prize Winner If During The Process It Is Found Cheating In Any Form To Take Advantage Of This Special Event.


In today’s post we talked about Daman Games gold offer, in which you can earn up to Rs.45 lakh by participating. Please read the Terms & Conditions before participating in Daman Games Gold Offer. If you do any kind of cheating then you will be out of this offer. That’s why you work in the right way and don’t be greedy, otherwise you will be thrown out of the gold offer.

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