Daman Games Earn Money | 7 Ways to Earn Money in Daman Games

Hello Gamer’s, in Today Article We Talk About Daman Games Earn Money. Daman Games is a Very Popular Online Casino App, Where you can earn money by playing games. Apart from just playing games, you can also earn money in Daman Games. Today I will tell you 7 such ways by which you can earn money from Daman Games.

Daman Games is the no.1 online casino game, this app has more than 12 lakh active members. Games of 4 tips are available in this app, out of which you can play games according to your knowledge. Before playing any game, do research about it, because it is very important for you to have knowledge about it. You must read this post about our Daman Games, in which we have given complete information about it.

7 Ways to Earn Money in Daman Games

Below are 7 ways to earn money in Daman games, by following which you can generate good income. If you have an audience, then you can easily do any of these methods.

Daman Games Promotion Mission

You can earn up to 4.5 Lakh by using the promotion bonus of the Daman game. If you refer any friend and he recharges ₹500, then he is counted as a valid member. On completing one valid member, you get Rs.55, apart from this, if you add three valid members, you get Rs.155. In this way, the more members you add, the more profit you will get. On completing 5K valid members, you will get ₹ 355555, this is the last bonus of the promotion offer.

If you have a valid invite who made a 500 rs first recharge you can RECEIVE this bonus in your DAMAN app. The more people you invite, the more rewards you can get.

Invite Members (Who Make ₹500 Recharge)Bonus
invite 1 Valid Member ₹55
invite 3 Valid Members₹155
invite 10 Valid Members₹555
invite 30 Valid Members₹1555
invite 70 Valid Members₹3355
invite 200 Valid Members₹10955
invite 500 Valid Members₹25555
invite 1000 Valid Members₹48555
invite 5000 Valid Members₹355555

NOTE: Your subordinates must have added a bank card to include in your promotion mission and completed every task. Don’t create multiple accounts to avoid your account being banned.

Daman Games Gold offer

Gold offers comes every 2 months in The Daman Games, in which you can earn a very good Amount by participating. If you want to participate, the minimum requirement for Participants in this offer is 20 valid members. Let me tell you Which members are counted in this, who recharge a minimum of 3 times in 2 months. If you have 20 members in 2 months, then you can claim 5K Indian Rupees.

This offer comes in every 2 months whose price is 1 crore. Right now the March-April offer of Daman Games is running in which you can participate. Whose price starts from 5k and the last price is 124000 on 1000 members. If you can add 1000 3x recharge members in 2 months then you will get 12.5 lakh rupees. To claim your bonus, contact the teacher after the offer is over. Teacher Aisha’s contact details are given above.

You have 2 months (March 1- April 30) to complete the task. Our reward is continuing to serve our good agents this month. The minimum requirement now is at least 20 VALID INVITES with at least 3 times recharge.

Daman Games Earn Money
  • 🔅1000 invites – 12,49,000 rs worth of Diamond
  • 🔅500 invites – 500k rs worth of Pure Gold Bar
  • 🔅200 invites – 200k rs worth of Gold Treasure
  • 🔅150 invites – 100k worth of Gold Treasure
  • 🔅100 invites – 50k worth of Gold Treasure
  • 🔅75 invites – 30k worth of Gold Treasure
  • 🔅50 invites – 20k worth of Gold Treasure
  • 🔅30 invites – 10k worth of Gold Treasure🔅20 invites – 5k worth of Gold Treasure

Daily Invite Extra Bonus

Daman Games Gives You Prizes On Daily Invite Basis, You Must Take Advantage Of It. If you invite 2 people in a day and they recharge, you will get ₹55 in return. You can contact the teacher to get your daily reward, where you will also get complete information.

  • 1 invitation can participate in a private forecast
  • Invite 2 friends extra bonus 55rs
  • Invite 3 friends extra bonus 115rs
  • Invite 9 friends and get an extra Rs 355
  • Invite 17 friends and get an extra Rs 799
  • Invite 29 friends and get an extra Rs 999
  • Invite 39 friends to get extra Rs 1599
  • Invite more than 59 friends extra bonus 3599 rs
  • Bonuses are delivered the next day 💰💰💰

Weekly Invite Bonus

Daman Games Weekly Bonus is given according to the people you invite in a week. You get this bonus every Monday, you can contact your teacher to claim it. For this, you have to add a minimum 15 members in a week, in return you will get ₹555.

  • 💰💰 Weekly gift 💰💰
  • Invite 15 rewards a week 555rs
  • Invite 35 rewards a week 1555rs
  • Invite 45 rewards a week 2555rs
  • Invite 65 rewards a week 3999rs
  • Invite 100 rewards a week 5555rs
  • On Monday, apply to the teacher for the qualified bonus

Referral Commission Who Make 3X Recharge

If you reach at least 5 valid and active referrals you can have another worth 500 rs. And if you complete 500 valid and active referrals you can have a 100k bonus. By doing this, you have been given the complete details below, you should contact the teacher to claim your bonus.

Daman Games bonus

Play Games & Earn

Apart from this, you can also earn from Daman Games by playing games. If you do not have information about how to play games, then you can see our other post. But there is risk in playing games, so play at your own risk. You must follow the tips given by us before playing the games, due to which your winning chances can increase. You can also join the Telegram channel of Daman Predictions from where you will get more knowledge about Predictions.

Promote Daman Games Social Media & Earn

At present, everyone uses social media and its revolution has come very fast. You can also earn in Daman Games using social media platforms, so you can take benefits of any social media platforms according to yourself. Daman Games often releases social media contests in which you can participate. In this, you have to give information about Daman Games on social media. In return, you will get rewards.

Conclusion:- If you want to earn from Daman Games, then follow the steps given above. Daman is a very popular casino game, Where you get to play many Varieties of games. But before playing any game, do research about it, because there is risk in such games, so play at your own risk. Follow Daman Games’ Offer or Announcement of Daman.games.

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